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Match vs. Zoosk – Full Guide for Comparing

Match vs. Zoosk – Full Guide for Comparing

Your success in online dating depends a lot on the site you choose. There are hundreds of options available online, and when considered superficially, it feels that all the platforms offer more or less similar features. However, it is not true. There are minor differences that can bring significant changes to your dating life.

For instance, be it Zoosk or Match, both are perfect for the passionate youth. But they differ slightly and hence, are ideal for different types of lovers. You can choose to use both the sites simultaneously, but that might result in poor performance. Thus, please pick one website and focus mainly on that. Match has existed in the market for somewhat around 20 years now, whereas Zoosk is just 14 years old. However, they have won users’ hearts equally.

Zoosk works on the idea of matching people via their Facebook connections. It works for a few, but many users find it troublesome. It has one of the best matchmaking tools in the dating market. As per the reviews, Zoosk has a superior quality design of their site on both desktop and mobile versions. Therefore, one will have a good time with the user interface and design when registering on this site.

Match is not connected with any social media dating platform whatsoever. It has a unique matchmaking rule, ensuring that the couples who meet on the site have a long-lasting relationship. It also has an excellent design and interface to impress the users.

Dive into the article to find out more about Match vs. Zoosk comparison!

How to Choose a Better One?

You can check the results of the detailed research below. The comparison will help you know whether Match or Zoosk meets your requirements. Hence, keep reading!

User Interface and Design

We have already discussed the user interface and design of both services. But there are few more points to be highlighted in this Match vs. Zoosk comparison guide. More users prefer Match’s user interface. They also feel that the design consists of layouts and colors that look more soothing to the eyes. Even though Zoosk is also loved by many for its excellent design, many people do not like the desktop version’s colors. The mobile app of Zoosk looks more attractive compared to the browser version. Hence, if we have to select between Zoosk or Match in terms of interface and design, we will give a thumbs up to Match first!

Success Rates

When looked into the records, it is seen that Match has a higher success rate of long-term commitments than Zoosk. Match is proud of the number of couples that found each other on the site, got married, and are now blessed with a delighted family. On the other hand, Zoosk is a better place for casual relationships. However, there are still cases of people finding true love on Zoosk. Choosing between Zoosk or Match, opt for Match if you are looking for true love.

Let’s continue to compare Match vs. Zoosk and discuss a few more parameters.

Zoosk vs. Match: What About Price Comparison?

Both websites come in paid and unpaid versions. In the free mode, you can use limited features. But when you pay, a galaxy of superb features opens up. But how much does each of these sites charge their users? We have laid it out below!

Zoosk price chart for the premium subscription:

Time Cost per Month
1 month $29.95
3 month $19.98
6 month $12.49

Match price chart for the VIP members:

Time Cost per Month
3 month $19.99
6 month $16.99
1 year $15.99

As you can see, one can get Zoosk’s membership at a lower cost. So, if you have a tight budget, you can opt for Zoosk. Keep in mind that free versions are also useful and come with a lot of features. However, there is a bundle of free tools that do not yield results unless one buys a premium plan. Thus, consider upgrading your membership status.

But as our experts suggest, be it any dating site, you should first go for its free version. Test it for a few days and see whether or not you enjoy it. If you do, then go for a subscription, or else move on to some other website. This way, you can save your money and do not buy something that hardly brings any pleasure to life. Therefore, use the free versions of both, see what works best for you, and then choose between Match or Zoosk premium plans!

Match vs. Zoosk: Who Can Join?

On both sites, people of any gender and sexual orientation can take part. On Zoosk, there are around 40 million members, and the majority of them belong to the age range of 24 to 35 years old. Most people here are looking for lasting relationships. However, it is an excellent place for casual flings and hookups as well. If you are new to dating and unsure what kind of relationship you want, this can be your opportunity to meet new people and discover your love interests.

On Match, the userbase is comparatively smaller, and around 20 million users are hanging out to find strong bonds. The site makes sure that every member of their community is single. People who are in a relationship or married cannot join the platform because users here are looking for serious commitments. With such strict guidelines, Match has managed to gain much popularity in the market for their success rate in establishing happy bonds.

If you are someone who dates to marry, then go for Match. But if you want a larger community where you can find both serious and casual connections, then Zoosk will be your go-to option. Prioritize your needs and join Match or Zoosk, depending on your priorities!

Match Features

The incredible success rate of Match is no more hidden from you, as we have already discussed that above. Now, let us delve deeper to find out more about its sign-up process, features, and app. Read on!

Sign-up Process

The registration process takes just a few minutes and is very straightforward. You will have to provide a few basic data about yourself like age, gender, sexuality, email, location, and so on. Once you are done, the site will take you to a page where you must indicate your relationship status, height, weight, etc. You will also have to write a short bio describing your personality, likes, dislikes, and intentions. The last step is a profile picture. Then, you will be allowed to use the site.

Mobile App

You can download the Match mobile app to both iOS and Android devices. The brand has designed it thoroughly to give the best experience. The functions are easy to understand and can be handled by a newbie as well. Chatting with members is more convenient; thus, if you want to have an uninterrupted chatting session with your lover, make sure you download the app now!

Special Features

Some of the unique features provided by the platform are mentioned below:

  • Dates: This is a brand-new benefit offered to the members in the time of the pandemic. Using this feature, one can set the venue, time, and dress code of the date.
  • Boost: When you boost your profile, your face gets shown up on more searches. Hence, this will help you increase your visibility.
  • Real Talk: If you are not a good conversation starter, keep calm because Match has collected the smartest icebreakers for you.
  • Likes: When you like someone’s profile, you add them to the list of members you would like to connect with.
  • Reverse Matches: View members whose preferences differ from yours. You can connect with them to spice up your dating life.
  • Voice and Video Calls: You can chat with a person and connect with them via voice and video calls.
  • Date Check-in: This safety feature asks whether you feel unprotected. If you say yes, the app sends SOS text to three emergency contacts added by you.
  • Match Me: When you click on this feature on a member’s profile, your account pops up at the beginning of their feed.

Zoosk Features

Zoosk also has an overall decent success rate in the market. Now, it’s time for us to see more of its performance in terms of app, features, and registration process.

Sign Up Process

The complete sign-up process takes around 5 minutes, which is quick enough. Like other sites, it also needs your basic info like name, gender, sexuality, and so on. As Zoosk works on VPN, one needs to register with their Zip code here. Once you fill in all information, a verification letter will be sent. You will have to verify it to start using the site. The website provides higher credibility to those who connect their profiles with Facebook accounts.

Mobile App

You can download the mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store, depending on the device you use. Everything is perfect about the application. Even the experts believe its design is better than the website. However, the Dating Insights feature is missing here. If you want to use it, then switch to the desktop version. Other than that, the app performs fine and provides a great user experience.

Special Features

The special features of Zoosk are as follows:

  • Carousel: Scroll through members and either show interest in them or ignore their profiles.
  • SmartPick: Zoosk observes your activities and uses the info to identify your behavior. Based on it, the app shows you the interests.
  • Connections: If you add a member to your connection list, you show them that you are highly interested in them. You can also send hearts to express the same.
  • Dating Insights: This gives you complete info about users you are interested in, those who like you back, and also what kind of dating style you prefer.
  • Boost: Boosting your profile will increase your visibility, and more members will choose you for a date.
  • Super Send: Send one text to many people. The site itself provides various flirtatious suggestions.

This, in brief, was the features of Zoosk. Now, let’s find out who is the winner in the Match vs. Zoosk battle!

And the Winner Is: or Zoosk?

After analyzing all the data and user feedback, our experts have chosen Match as the winner in the Match vs. Zoosk comparison. It is better in terms of success rate, design, features, and the overall user interface. Even though Zoosk has advantages, like the affordable price point and more extensive member base, Match has more to offer. Who is the winner, in your opinion?

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