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Zoosk Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Zoosk Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
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Popular age 22-30
Beauty 85%
Profiles 650,000
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Visit rate 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is available in 25 languages and serves 80 countries
  • It has a guide for online dating to assist new daters in learning the trade and staying safe
  • Huge membership of about 40 million users
  • Zoosk is Apple Store's best earning online dating app
  • Accommodates people of all backgrounds, ages, and orientations
  • Offers live support via email and phone
  • Active user base with more than 3 million messages sent daily
  • Has thousands of success stories from couples on Zoosk's blog
  • Users can only cancel their subscriptions at the end of the term
  • Zoosk has few SmartPicks options
  • It charges an activation fee on top of a subscription cost
  • The site doesn't allow keyword or interest-based search filters
  • A paid membership is required to use the contact features
  • It has a misleading automated reply system

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Zoosk started as a Facebook app in 2007, which is currently a worldwide dating site with millions of subscribers under its name. The company’s mission is integrating online dating with social networking. With a website and smartphone app, Zoosk offers an inspirational dating experience for singles. Along with easy-to-customize communication tools. The site attracts a somewhat young crowd searching for serious relationships and casual dates through an impressive online platform.

Expert’s Review of Zoosk

Zoosk Review

Zoosk is a global online dating space matching users looking for a variety of relationships. The site doesn’t just cater to people that are looking for short-term hookups and deep relationships. Instead, it accommodates like-minded singles from all sexual orientations, races, ethnicity, and age. It is the only major dating service that runs like a social network. This makes the platform more appealing and familiar to the younger demographic and creates higher engagement.

The site is split between 52% female profiles and 48% male profiles. And the average age is between 24 and 27, respectively. This is an almost even male vs. female split, unlike most dating sites that record an overwhelming number of male users. Therefore, the platform is a unique dating space for women looking for tons of options. Zoosk is also a lesbian, queer and gay-friendly site with an extensive range of backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities depending on the area. However, it doesn’t have options for non-monogamous, open, or polyamorous dating online relationships.

You can take its impressive user base with a grain of salt. As fake or dead profiles contribute to a decent proportion of the 40 million members due to the super-easy setup process. Regardless, Zoosk has a blog with a massive collection of success stories and fantastic pics.

What makes Zoosk different from other online dating websites is its matchmaker feature, offering ‘Dating Insights’ and ‘SmartPick’ functions. So instead of having new members completing a personality test beforehand, it has a behavioral matchmaking technology that learns and gathers each member’s needs from their online actions. SmartPick selects perfect matches for users based on these behavioral statistics. Members can access this data from the ‘Dating Insights’ section if you’re curious to know how Zoosk views your behavior on the platform.

With more than a decade of matching singles in over 80 countries around the world, Zoosk remains one of today’s most popular dating sites. The dating platform, which currently has more than 40 million subscribers, ranks on various lists, including USA Today, CNBC, The New York Times, and most recently, The Wall Street Journal’s ‘The Next Big Thing.’

Website Design & Usability

Zoosk Design

Zoosk service comes in a stylish and interactive website, containing small sections with plenty of information without exhausting the reader. Its clean, orderly appearance needs no learning curve, whether you’re 80 or 20. You’ll just know how to find your way on the platform.

You’ll find all the contact features on the site’s menu, which is on the left side of the homepage. And just below the list lies the premium subscription button. The upper right section of the page has a drop-down menu for everything you need concerning your profile. Next to this menu is a chat icon for you to navigate to the chat platform. Look for a bell icon and heart platform on the page header to see all recent notifications and access paid special features.

Zoosk dating site is easy on the eyes, omitting boring sections that are full of hard-to-read words. With an uncluttered homepage, an-easy-to-navigate interface, and a smooth desktop to the mobile experience, Zoosk is a winner when it comes to an elegant web layout and user-friendly functions.

Special Features

Zoosk comes with a decent selection of features that not only enhance usability and navigation but also offer a more fun and hip dating experience. Here is an overview of the essential ones


It’s the primary matchmaking feature on Zoosk’s platform. Carousel presents members’ profile pics, one at a time, to send flirts to, vote, or skip.

SmartPick Suggestions Through Behavior Matching

Zoosk has a behavior matching engine that learns more about a user’s preferences via online actions – accepting a connection, showing interest in someone, or sending a message. The system then uses this data to introduce you to users with matching statistics.

You’ll receive better recommendations and SmartPick introductions the more you use Zoosk. Be sure to respond to them within twenty-four hours, before your SmartPick intros disappear.

Photo Verification

This premium service lets you verify your photos so people know you’re the real deal. It’s also an easy way to identify real matches by a green checkmark on their profile pic.

Data Insights

Zoosk gathers data on user activity to give insights about your dating style, who likes you, and who you’re interested in. The insights can also help you find members you are more likely to attract. Plus showing you shared interests with those attractions, and much more.

Zoosk Coins

With these coins, you can access premium services like sending virtual gifts and improving search results for your profile. The coins also allow users to see if a recipient has read their message.


You can express interest in other users by adding them as a connection. The connection label is like putting someone on your favorite’s list. Also, if you receive a response for a heart or smile that you sent, the person automatically becomes a connection.

Super Send

This feature lets you send flirty messages simultaneously to multiple people. Super Send is integrated with messaging templates for easy chatting.


Zoosk allows users to increase their visibility and get more connections by using the Boost feature. It’s an excellent way for Zoosk members to notice you, though at a price.

How does Zoosk work?

Zoosk work

Zoosk provides a good list of filters, which exclude keyword-based and interest-related search options. It remembers your previous searches, making it easy to find a perfect match. You’ll need to get a premium membership to chat, see your likes, and browse in incognito mode.

Sign Up Process

Zoosk Sign Up

Zoosk has a quick and easy sign-up process. Simply disclose your gender, zip code, birth date, and email by filling out a personal information form. It’s essential to use a zipcode from your country of residence. Also, don’t try to fool the system since Zoosk can detect VPNs.

After that, check your email address for an activation link. Click on the link to get free access. However, you’ll have limited access to the site until you authenticate the account by giving your phone number and using the code sent to the number. Another thing you can do is connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your dating profile to increase its credibility.

Users Profiles Quality

Zoosk Profiles Quality

The overall quality of user-profiles at Zoosk is quite decent. It’s easy to look at someone’s personality by checking out their list of interests, which is free for all members to view.

The majority of profiles are straightforward and reasonably complete, giving you an easy time to find a matching account. Zoosk also requires members to validate their accounts. You can check a member’s profile to see the verification method they used.

Photo verifications are the most accurate way to authenticate an account, but it’s a premium service. You’ll need to hold the phone at arm’s length and wait for Zoosk’s prompt to record. The process will show that an actual person is behind the account. After that, you need to take two more shots while turning your head left and right. The site’s administrators will then re-evaluate your photo to verify that the video matches your profile picture.

Users can also verify their accounts via other means. Considering it’s straightforward to create a profile, anyone with a Facebook or Google account could create a bogus profile. But this can happen on any dating platform. Chances are, you are viewing a real profile on the site, increasing your odds to get actual dates.

Mobile Application

Zoosk Mobile Application

The mobile application for Zoosk packs similar features to the company’s website. You’ll only miss out on the ‘Dating Insights’ feature when using the mobile app. That’s because the various data fields won’t fit on the app’s interface. And if it’s forced, it would be difficult for you to read.

You’ll get a good user experience with the mobile app. It has a contact and search button at the bottom of the screen for easy access, and the layout is primarily blue and gray – which is pleasant on the eyes. One thing to watch out for on this app is a series of disruptive ads, although a premium subscription will solve the issue.

Zoosk Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Zoosk Websites & Apps


eHarmony is an excellent alternative for Zoosk as it caters to the interests of singles looking for a lasting relationship rather than a casual date or hookup. With a paid subscription program, the matches here are mostly after serious, long-term relationships. You can read more from eHarmony vs Zoosk – Full Guide.


Similar to Zoosk’s product, Match has plenty of premium features on its dating service. But unlike Zoosk, where the desktop version runs on Adobe AIR technology, Match offers the flexibility of using traditional web browsers and laptops – which is a plus for an older crowd. Moreover, being the oldest dating site means they know the business very well. There’s a trial account for new members to test-drive the site. If you want to know more – just read Match vs. Zoosk comparing.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Zoosk Price

Zoosk dating platform is free to use. However, you should consider paying a fee to enjoy the premium features.

The following premium services are available for you to choose from:

Duration/Coins Costs Total
Monthly Subscription Access
30 days $29.95 per month $29.95
90 days $19.95 per month $59.85
180 days $15.00 per month $89.98
50 coins $0.10 per coin $4.99
250 coins $0.08 per coin $19.99
750 coins $0.07 per coin $49.99

Zoosk has these subscriptions on auto-renewal mode. You can only cancel a premium service at the end of each duration. There’s also a $24.95 one-off activation fee along with the membership costs. The site accepts payments via direct debit, credit card, or PayPal, all of which are safe and secure.

Free Membership Features

Zoosk has a fair number of features you can use without payment. Here is a list of things you can do if you don’t want to pay for a VIP membership:

  • Create your profile
  • Get access to Carousel features
  • Register a free account
  • Send hearts and smiles
  • View full member profiles

Premium Membership Features

Zoosk Premium Membership

You can pay for a premium membership to do away with pop-ups and use more features. If you are not sure about the premium subscription, you can use coins for a limited, but adequate access to the paid features.

The following are benefits of being a premium member on Zoosk:

  • Access to the chat feature
  • Able to send messages
  • Have complete access to SmartPicks
  • You can browse using incognito mode

Is Zoosk Really Safe?

Zoosk Safe

Zoosk does everything possible to keep its massive user base safe. Profile verification is one of the ways that improve member’s safety. Also, the site has standard safety protocols, including personal data encryption.

There’s an Online Dating Safety Guide to help new members engage safely. It shows how to create your profile, steps to meeting someone in person, as well as general guidelines on safe connection with strangers.

Besides, the company encourages members to report fake profiles and block users who are violating the site’s regulations.


Zoosk Conclusion

Zoosk offers an amazing dating space, with a clean website layout that’s easy to use. The mobile app also provides a simple, intuitive structure for a pleasurable online interaction. Its seamless integration to social sites endears the product more to millennials.

The broad 40 million user base with members in eighty countries and 25 language translations is a great feature of Zoosk. But you need to be careful with inactive profiles when looking for connections. It can be difficult to tell real users from the bogus ones, with its massive member network. We believe its verification process helps to address this concern.

Zoosk’s pricing structure is comparable to other dating sites, although not competitive enough considering some of its downsides, especially in terms of coin structure and micro-transactions.

How to delete a Zoosk account?

Log into your account, navigate to your account settings, and choose ‘Account Status’ then click on ‘Edit.’ You’ll find the option to ‘Deactivate’ your account, which you should select and tell Zoosk your reason for leaving. You cannot retrieve the profile after deleting your account.

How to message someone on Zoosk?

Go to the profile of the person you want to message. While there, you can choose to like their profile, send a message, or smile at them. Liking a profile or smiling at someone is a fun way of letting them know that you are into them. Selecting Like or Smile automatically sends a message to the person.

How to see who likes you on Zoosk without paying?

Look for a free trial if you want to see who likes you on Zoosk without paying. You can get a Walmart prepaid card and load some money on it. Use the card to sign up for a free trial. The company will be unable to charge you on that card if you don’t wish to continue after the trial period.

How to block someone on Zoosk?

Simply click on the ‘Report/Block’ button on the person’s profile.

How to cancel a Zoosk subscription?

Log into your account and click on the three lines at the top left corner of the browser. Click the gear icon next to your nickname. Select Subscription. Navigate to the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Cancel Subscription.’

Contact Information

Zoosk has several customer support platforms through which you can direct your inquiries. The dating site is available on top social media networks, including Twitter and Facebook.

  • Company Name: Zoosk, Inc. is the owner of the Zoosk dating platform.
  • Address: 989 Market Street, 6th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103
  • Zip Code + City: San Francisco, 94103
  • Country: USA
  • Customer Support Email: support@zoosk.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
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