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OkCupid vs Plenty of Fish — Full Guide for Comparing

OkCupid vs Plenty of Fish — Full Guide for Comparing

Are you having trouble finding a partner on dating apps? Could it be because you haven’t compared them in detail? POF vs OKC? We will help you choose between these two if you take the time to read this review.

OkCupid is a veteran of the dating industry — an online dating platform that has been in operation for nearly two decades. During this time, it collected millions of users worldwide and allowed tens of thousands of people to find a soulmate. It offers tons of features that you can use for free; they include messaging and viewing other people’s profiles.

Plenty of Fish is also a dating site with a long history that offers many different features. It has a large number of members, sound security systems, and also provides some free features. Although the site itself looks a little outdated, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for many. While the user interface and ease of use may not be the first aspects you think of when reading Plenty of Fish reviews or trying to find yourself a great dating site, they are relevant.

Plenty of Fish vs OkCupid — what site to choose? This question is worth thinking about. You will most likely not be among the lucky ones who find their perfect match on the first day of using PoF or OkCupid. Explore them for some time, but trust us, they are worth it.

How to Choose a Better One?

When choosing the best dating site, you should look at the list of its benefits and drawbacks. OkCupid has the following advantages:

  • A huge number of users
  • Suitable for both quick acquaintances and lasting relationships
  • Superb usability of the app
  • Very easy to use
  • Accurate matchmaking


  • Outdated website design
  • There are more men than women

In terms of their unique features, OkCupid vs PoF offer many similar services. The main benefits of the Plenty of Fish site:

  • Huge user base
  • Mobile app
  • Very easy to use
  • Based on the personality test
  • Messaging is completely free
  • Automatic and manual selection


  • Outdated website design
  • Not suitable for LGBT people

If you’re looking for a dating app or website — be it Plenty of Fish or OkCupid — chances are you want to either hook up, find a short-term relationship, or invest in a longer one. However, both of these goals have one requirement — a good match. The userbase is important — the more people use the platform, the better your chances.

Plenty of Fish reviews compliment its audience very much. This site has one of the largest userbases worldwide, with a total of close to 100 million registered users at the time of writing. OkCupid is also massive. You can read more about the PoF vs OkCupid figures in the sections below.

OkCupid vs Plenty of Fish: What About Price Comparison?

Let’s talk about OkCupid pricing. This in itself should be considered a significant “benefit” — you can use OkCupid for free and have access to all the features you need. You can also purchase multiple credits (to boost your profile), use the basic plan or the premium plan. The last two are monthly paid subscriptions — you have to pay a certain fee each month. The plans are as follows:

Basic subscription:

  • One month — $7.95 per month
  • Three months — $6.35 per month
  • Six months — $3.95 per month

Premium subscription:

  • 1 month — $24.90 per month
  • 3 months — $22.90 per month
  • 6 months — $19.90 per month


  • 1 credit — $1.99
  • 5 credits — $9.45
  • 10 credits — $16.90

Depending on the subscription you choose (be it free or paid), you can use these features:


  • Sending messages
  • Viewing profiles
  • All registration, testing, and profile customization functions
  • Search tool
  • Saving profiles you like


  • View who liked the profile
  • Daily profile improvements
  • View read messages
  • No ads
  • Advanced search

If you consider the pricing of the premium and basic plans, the features you get for those prices, and then compare Plenty of Fish or OkCupid, then it’s safe to say that OkCupid has a pretty reasonable pricing model. It’s not the most affordable one on the market, but it is certainly competitive. All the basic features are free to use, and being a paid user is entirely optional and depends on your wishes.

Plenty of Fish reviews indicate that the platform is almost free to use if you want it to be. This means that you will be able to access all the essential functions — messaging, viewing profiles, and setting up your page without paying. There are 3 options available:

  • Three months — $12.90 per month
  • Six months — $8.50 per month
  • Twelve months — $6.78 per month

These prices are included in the only “premium” plan, unlike OkCupid. In terms of various subscriptions, the first brand wins in this Plenty of Fish vs OkCupid

review. The cost of the PoF services depends on the duration you decide to use it. The features you get with free and premium plans include:

Free Features:

  • Sending messages
  • Viewing profiles
  • Setting up a personal profile

Premium Plan:

  • Check whether your messages have been read
  • See who viewed your profile;
  • Username changes and searches
  • Star icon to highlight your profile when searching

You can use Plenty of Fish or OkCupid for free, but you get many benefits if you choose to pay for a premium membership. It all depends on your goals.

Plenty of Fish vs OkCupid: Who Can Join?

When we talk about OkCupid, there are more than 1 million users daily aged 25-35 on the site. One of the first things you’ll notice when reading OkCupid reviews is that the platform is viral and has an active audience, most of which is located in the US. These numbers put OkCupid at the top of the list of dating sites you should be ready to check out.

When it first appeared, people who use it now were between 10 and 20 years old. This group has grown up witnessing an individual-specific web design style and the Internet in general — OkCupid reflects that. However, the dominant age group here is 25-35 years old. If you compare OkCupid vs PoF, the first one is useful for quick acquaintances and stable relationships.

Most themed dating sites have a rather specific purpose — they tend to be either more communication-oriented or, in contrast, based on stable and long-term relationships. Reading OkCupid reviews, you might think that if OkCupid were a themed dating site, it would probably be focused on long-term relationships. However, it is universal and open for all.

Genuine Intentions

When talking about PoF, it has a relatively simple “no BS” policy. Plenty of Fish reviews will tell you that you have to show your intentions clear when you sign up for the app — either you’re here to find a one-night stand or a long-term relationship. It is one of the best qualities of this service.

Think about it — you don’t have to waste time looking for people and then trying to find out if they want to sleep or build something long-term. There is an unspoken rule that you communicate your intentions to the other party and save everyone’s time. Both PoF vs OkCupid use this practice.

Daily, you can expect around 2-2.5 million site visits on Plenty of Fish, which means you have many options to choose from. Men dominate the platform: most of the audience is male users aged 25-35.

OkCupid Features

Which one to choose: OkCupid vs POF? The registration on the first site is quick and smooth, without unnecessary pop-ups or 3-hour-long questionnaires. After uploading some photos and creating your profile, you can try out the platform. OkCupid is easy to navigate and use in general – this is true for both the desktop and mobile versions. Even if the design might be a little dated, it doesn’t take away points of attraction from the experience itself.

The company in question also has a mobile app (for both iPhone and Android devices). The mobile version of OkCupid supports all the essential features you will find on the dating site’s online version. It is very well designed, has a well-thought-out interface, and works great on all mobile operating systems.

When you first register, you have to take a personality test that will help you introduce and show yourself and let the other person know who you are and what you like. Every OkCupid user takes this test upon registration. There are 16 questions in total, so the whole process takes very little time. What you need to do is choose the answers that suit you (and your potential partner best), and that’s it — the algorithm will do the rest.

Plenty of Fish Features

PoF app has a 3.8 out of 5 ratings on the Play Market — not too bad. Of course, it could have been better, but these estimates are entirely subject to various nuances. However, this is not the most impressive part — there are almost 1.5 million reviews on the Google Play Store. In comparison, another popular online dating platform called “Elite Singles” has 9000 user reviews on the same app store.

Overall, most of PoF’s reviews on Google Play praise the service — users seem to enjoy the app, and an above-average score from 1.5 million reviews demonstrates this pretty well. The registration process is quick and easy, and site navigation feels intuitive and straightforward.

If you have to rely heavily on some algorithm-based matchmaking system, chances are it will make mistakes a bunch of times until you can find someone who follows your standards. The PoF vs OKC matchmaking is based on the numbers and does not consider more subjective factors. However, many of Plenty of Fish reviews will tell you that if it’s the other way around, you’re left entirely alone. Having to sort people’s profiles manually takes a lot of time and energy, so the fact that PoF offers you automatic matching is excellent.

And the Winner Is: OkCupid or Plenty of Fish?

Does OkCupid work, and is it useful? Yes, many OkCupid reviews will tell you that this is one of the best online dating platforms you could use right now, and we agree with that opinion. OkCupid is a trendy dating website, mainly aimed at young and middle-aged people. It has many daily users and is great for those looking for both long-term love and short-term relationships.

PoF is one of the largest (if not the largest) dating sites in the world. It has a vast userbase, is very easy to use, features a simple registration procedure, and provides autogenerated match suggestions.

Of course, there are some specific quirks to both PoF vs OkCupid platforms. Plenty of Fish, for example, might not be the best option for LGBT people. However, if you’re looking for straight partners, then PoF is worth giving a try. All in all, both sites are great, but OkCupid has a more extended history and a more inclusive audience. Their primary features are free, but if you want to improve your chances of success, purchase one of the premium Plenty of Fish or OkCupid options.

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