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POF vs. Tinder – Full Guide for Comparing

POF vs. Tinder – Full Guide for Comparing

Are you in search of true love that will allow you to become a soulmate for a lifetime? Or are you hardly interested in longtime commitments and want to keep it short and spicy? No matter which one you choose, today, you will discover the best platform that can fulfill all your requirements at ease. In this guide, our experts have reviewed POF vs. Tinder in the most detailed manner. So, if you are confused about which one to choose – Tinder or POF, we are here to help!

Before starting, let us give you a glimpse of both websites. Starting with Tinder, founded in 2012, most youngsters already know how popular the site is! It is a place where you can match with hot members just by swiping left or right. Most users hangout here to find casual flings. Hardly will you meet people who are interested in something more than flirting and hookup. So, it is a place where you can find steamy dates. The website’s design, user-interface, and features are excellent and have received much praise from the users.

Plenty of Fish has existed for a longer time than Tinder. It was founded in the year 2003. Till then, the site has created an enormous base of success rates where people have met their dream soulmate, married them, and have a happy family now. As you can understand, POF is not a place where you can approach members for hookups. Here, people are more into commitments and expect the same from other users. So, only if you are planning to settle down with a partner, this website will help you immensely. Most users love the overall interface, design, and features.

We have discussed POF vs. Tinder in more detail, further in the article. To find out, keep reading!

How to Choose a Better One?

To find out which one is the best among Plenty of Fish vs. Tinder, our experts did deep research and joined each of these sites to gain real-life experience. Today, we will share all the details that will help you choose the better one from Tinder or POF. Stay hooked!

User Interface and Design

On Tinder, one will get to experience the most straightforward interface technology ever. When using the site, all you have to do is keep swiping, match with a person, chat with them and arrange a date. It’s as simple as that! The swiping feature is beneficial for mobile users. The overall design, too, looks sleek and gives us no opportunity to complain.

Our experts also loved POF design, but they found the interface a bit difficult to handle. For matching with interests on POF, one has to do much more than just swiping or liking a profile. The site suggests matches based not only on the location but also on your profile’s other interests.

In between Plenty of Fish vs. Tinder, our experts choose Tinder as the winner for design and


Success Rates

Both the sites have a decent amount of success rates, but the criteria of success differ. For instance, POF has an excellent success rate in establishing happily married couples who met on their site. On the other hand, Tinder is widely popular for its success rate in erotic hookups. So, depending on your intention, you can join either Tinder or POF because both of them are great in their fields.

We have laid down more points of POF vs. Tinder comparison in the guide. Read on!

Plenty of Fish vs. Tinder: Price Comparison

You can use both Tinder and POF in the free or paid version. With the premium plans, you get to enjoy the website features fully. Below, we have listed down the pricing of each site. Have a look!

The pricing of Tinder is as follows:

Time Cost per month
Tinder Gold under 28 1 month $14.99
6 months $8.83
12 months $6.92
Tinder Gold over 28 1 month $29.99
6 months $18.83
12 months $12.50
Tinder Plus under 28 1 month $9.99
6 month $5.83
12 month $4.58
Tinder Plus over 28 1 month $19.99
6 month $10.00
12 month $6.67

The pricing of POF is given below:

Time Cost per Month
2 month $19.35
4 month $12.75
8 month $10.18

Tinder has got a different premium plan for people who are up to 28 years old and another version for those who are 29 and more. This way, the brand makes sure that every age group benefits from their site. Both Tinder and POF have affordably-priced premium plans. But if you are new to dating or even a newbie to any of the websites, we would suggest using the free version first. If you are impressed by the free feature and want to continue your website’s journey, you can go for a subscription.

POF vs. Tinder: Who Can Join?

The members of POF are usually around the age of 23 to 26 years old. There are a lot of American members on the site. The website is full of men and women who are looking for a soulmate. No matter what sexuality you belong to, Plenty of Fish embraces users of all gender and sexual orientations. Here, the members are very active and continuously engage in various posts on the form. If you are someone who wants to experience long-term commitment, then POF will be perfect for you.

On Tinder, you will find members from all parts of the globe. The member base is expanding each day. Here, too, people from any gender and sexuality can participate. Tinder contains a higher number of male users than females and is a zone for finding casual flings. Teenagers are also a part of the website. If you are interested in a temporary hookup or casual flirting, then go for Tinder.

Decide what you want from a dating site and choose either Tinder or POF to satisfy your desires!

Tinder Features

Let us give you a detailed view of the Tinder sign-up process, features, and mobile app. Read below!

Sign Up Process

Signing up on Tinder is super easy and takes around just 10 minutes or less. First, you will have to provide your email address or contact number to receive the verification message. On receiving the verification mail or text, you will have to confirm it, after which the site will ask for little basic info about you. Provide details like name, date of birth, gender, location, sexuality, and so on. Then set your profile picture to complete the registration process. Connecting your Tinder profile with your social media accounts is not a necessity. Therefore, if you do not have any social media profiles, you can also find matches here. Sign-up and enjoy flirting!

Mobile App

Tinder’s mobile app is more used than its website. The colorful icons, sleek design, and soothing profile music create the ambiance for Cupid to set up the best matches! But if you are to enjoy the mobile application to its fullest, then take some time to understand the icons shown on the screen. People, who do not have a basic idea about the icon, often waste their Super like and Boos features. If you own a Windows OS device, you will not find the Windows store app. But you can download Tinder’s third-party app called ‘6tin’. Install the app and find your match today!

Special Features

Some of the special features provided by Tinder are:

  • Boost and super boost: These are the features used to boost the profile visibility. Increasing a profile helps you come up with a search list and suggestions of potential matches.
  • Super like: Sending someone a Super like will help them know that you are ‘highly’ interested in them.
  • Rewind: If you accidentally swiped left a user, bring them back with this feature.
  • Top picks: This is a feature where Tinder selects the best suggestions based on your profile details.
  • Noonlight: This is a safety feature that you can send SOS messages to your emergency contacts if there is any mishap during a date. The option is available only in the US.
  • Traveler Alert: This feature warns LGBTQ users if they enter a place where their sexuality can be penalized. After seeing the alert, they can choose to hide their profile.

These are some of the best features of Tinder; there are more to explore!

POF Features

Plenty of Fish is an excellent place for finding love, but what about its features? We have discussed that below; keep reading!

Sign Up Process

The registration process on POF is easy but not quick because they have a list of around 20 questions for a member to answer. Once you are done answering all their questions, you will only get to become a part of their site. Questions like the types of commitment you desire, whether or not you want to have kids in the future, etc., let the platform understand your style and show you similar interests. Here, too, you do not need to connect your profile to other social media accounts. However, if you want, you can use photos from Instagram or Facebook. POF uses the technology of anti-robot verification to avoid spam. Hence, the sign-up process is perfect!

Mobile App

You can install the mobile app on any device from the app stores available in the market. Most users are more active in the app than in the browser version. It is so because the application has a user-friendly interface and makes chatting easier. But if you want to deactivate the profile, you will have to use the desktop version because you are allowed to hide the profile from mobile. Moreover, the app functions great and gets thumbs up from us!

Special Features

A few special features of POF are:

  • Chemistry Predictor: In this feature, you will have to answer multiple questions, and based on the results, the site will suggest preferable matches.
  • UltraMatch: Here, you get to see the list of users whose compatibility matches the most with you.
  • Nearby: It helps you locate members who stay nearby your location.
  • Meet Me: This feature shows you the users who are ready for a meet-up. If two members on the opposite ends select ‘yes,’ then they can start chatting.
  • Super Yes: Much like Super like, it helps a member know that you are highly into them.
  • Today’s Catch and Tokens: These are booster-like features that help your profile get highlighted in the feed of other members.
  • Self-care resources: This feature consists of various self-care rewards to keep you healthy and happy during the pandemic.

These are the most enticing features of POF; enjoy them!

And the Winner is: Plenty of Fish

After comparing both the sites, our experts have declared POF as the winner in the POF vs. Tinder competition. It is so because Plenty of Fish has a higher success rate in long-term relationships. Also, it is a site that takes matters like compatibility seriously. The brand has got a detailed sign-up process, which helps in finding the best matches. The success rate comparison of Plenty of Fish vs. Tinder is:

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