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Raya Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Raya Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • It is significantly affordable considering the features on offer and status quo of its members.
  • Raya doubles up as a networking tool for people looking to expand their networks in their respective industries.
  • All members undergo intense scrutiny before being accepted on Raya.
  • Raya is highly populated with celebrities.
  • The website is a great platform for the most famous and attractive singles in the world.
  • The screening process guarantees that there are no scammers on Raya.
  • This is an extremely upscale dating app.
  • Raya hosts many famous members, which makes it tough for ordinary people to find partners.
  • The acceptance algorithm remains a mystery.
  • Raya is an iOS-only app.
  • Like any other dating site that requires committee-approval, you will not find the same number of people.
  • The acceptance level is generally dependent on Instagram's influence.
  • For people living in a small town, you may not find people in your area on Raya.

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Do you have high standards when it comes to dating? Do you ever find yourself complaining about the low-quality dates on Tinder? If you have come to your limits with major dating sites and apps, then Raya is the only place left for you to go. If you didn’t find the partner you are looking for on Tinder or Hinge, like many other people with high standards, your happily ever after might be on the dating app, Raya.

If you are wondering what Raya is, keep on reading. When it comes to dating apps, Raya is the only option for people looking for other esteemed partners like themselves. Raya is the dating app for people who are faced with an endless game of swiping left and right because of their social standing. This app is not the only private and exclusive dating app, but this is the only place where you can find the ‘who is who’ in today’s society. It has been dubbed the dating app for the rich by the extensive media coverage.

According to people who have made it through the intense screening, Raya is filled with the rich and famous. It is quite common to come by a movie star or profiles of models, actors, and musicians. If there is a famous person out there looking for love, then chances are they are on Raya. As you can expect, the app is a strong allure to many of the most attractive people on the planet. This is an in-depth review of Raya with all the features of this dating app and optimal benefits reviewed for your consideration.

Expert’s Review of Raya

Raya Review

Raya was launched in February of 2015 as a private, elite, and members-only app. The app is popular with people who are looking for equally famous and wealthy people to date, network, and make new friends. It is unofficially known as the dating app for celebrities and the rich. Reportedly, some of the most famous people to have been spotted on the site include Joe Jonas, Cara Delevigne, John Mayer, Trevor Noah, Amy Schumer, and Drew Barrymore. The idea here is that instead of letting everyone in, the app only accepts a selected few.

As you can expect, getting into the app is a significantly complicated process. According to most publications, you need a huge following on Instagram to be accepted into the app. While some people gain Instagram followers by flaunting their wealth, the developers behind Raya view this as a red flag. The app aims to create a community full of interesting and passionate people from various aspects of business and entertainment. As such, Raya is not advertised as a dating app; rather, it is the digital meeting place for influential people to meet and collaborate on projects.

In any case, members have to undergo scrutiny by a committee of 500 people and an algorithm that determines the members based on their application. If you want to win over the committee and the algorithm, then you need to stand out as a creative member of society. You also have to be known as an expert in something or share a common view with the community of Raya members.

Website Design & Usability

Raya Design

If you have used a dating app before, then you know how they can seem like jungles. You have notifications that look different each time and interfering ads with each click. The potential matches are also plastered everywhere and surrounded by advertisements of every kind. While having that many options might seem like a good thing, it is so easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed when you have to deal with all that.

Raya, on the other hand, likes to keep things simple. The app is designed so that the user is shown one match at a time. Besides, the user interface comes with fewer tabs but remains easy to navigate. There is no scrolling. Everything the app thinks you need to have a unique experience is right in front of you. The user interface remains clean and organized in a manner that makes the matchmaking process calming. There are no ads, so you do not have to worry about anything interfering with your experience.

The best thing about Raya is that every little annoying and distracting thing that may interfere with the user experience has been eliminated. If you have so many accomplished, rich, and famous people using your app and paying a fee monthly, then you do not need the ads. Even most of the ads you see are shopping ads.

Special Features

Raya Special Features

What makes Raya dating app so special? Raya promotes itself as a private network for creatives. The app offers features that allow other users to connect for dating and expanding their networks. To find new friends, users can refine their searches by location, occupation, and more parameters. The matchmaker also comes with a work option that allows members to collaborate on a project. This makes Raya less of a dating app and more of a platform where like-minded people can connect. Besides, the application success remains at the hands of an anonymous global committee, which is ideal for maintaining the creative community’s integrity.

The app allows users to upload photos to their profiles as well as videos. The user can curate photos and set them to a soundtrack. The video is then uploaded to their profile, where prospective matches can view. Each member can view their profile video for every profile that comes up as a potential match before deciding whether to pursue something with them.

How does Raya work?

Raya work

Since an anonymous global committee reviews users’ applications, you should anticipate having a rough time getting accepted on the app. Truth to be told, some people have been on Raya’s waiting list for more than two months, only to be rejected later on. When done right, your application to Raya as a regular person can see you mingling with Instagram celebrities. But first, you need to get through the selection criteria. Here is how you can create the perfect profile for Raya:

Sign Up Process

Raya Sign Up

Raya is considered the promised land of online dating. However, this sign-up process is generic compared to many dating apps in terms of personal information. Raya prides itself on being the exclusive platform for creative people. Hence, you should expect a sign-up process that takes a different approach compared to other dating apps. The new user has to go through a special panel of the member who guides them through the sign-up process. With that said, you should know that you are more likely to be accepted on Raya if you were referred by someone already on the app.

The unique sign-up process includes a questionnaire about the history and interests of the new user. Additional information includes your background, age, sexual orientation, hobbies, and more. Besides, the user will also provide attributes they look for in a perfect match. Raya requires all users to link to their Instagram account instead of Facebook, which is standard for other dating apps. While the selection criterion is not completely clear, you should prepare your Instagram account to pass the looks and cool factor algorithm. Upon completing the application, the decision can be delivered anywhere from a day to a few months.

Users Profiles Quality

Raya Profiles Quality

Think of your user profile as a romantic PowerPoint presentation. Since your profile picture is often the main deciding factor in your application and success, it has to be good. Raya enables users to sync to their photos on Instagram. As such, keep in mind that just like in fashion, a high and low mix is key to success. You might strive to strike the perfect balance between cool and sexy shots. Your profile picture should look like a balance of happy and approachable. For this shot, go for quality over quantity and filter through to find the best candidate for your account.

Your Instagram account should offer more context than your profile picture. Hence, you can also include a picture of exotic travel, preferably with rare wildlife species. Such images give other users the impression that you are interesting, exotic, and curious. A close-up shot of your face that allows your followers to look into your eyes sounds good. What about some art? Taking shots or pieces of art gives the impression that you have a taste and appreciation for finer things in life. Also, the perfect account is not complete without shots that show how much you love having fun. These pictures can give the impression that you are objectively better than anyone who might be trying too hard to be likable.

Mobile Application

Raya Mobile

When it comes to the app design, Raya looks as good as it sounds. The design is clean and consistent in the Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The app is easy to navigate, and no ads are showing on your interface. Raya is a unique dating app. Instead of swiping right like you would on most dating apps, Raya requires both parties to tap the heart icon to connect. So, instead of the endless scrolling for profiles in your location, the app shows you one match at a time. All in all, the app is completely user friendly and makes it easy to connect most stylishly.

Raya Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Raya Websites & Apps

How often do you come across a celebrity on a dating app? As the world becomes interconnected, dating your favorite celebrity no longer seems like a dream now. Finding celebrity profiles on dating apps has become the reality of online dating today. Some of the best dating platforms for celebrities include Millionaire Match, Elite Singles, Match.com, Date Celebrity, eHarmony, and more. With all these matchmaking websites, it has become so easy to meet and date a celebrity.

However, Raya is the best dating app for celebrities. For example, when Channing Tatum, the star of Magic Mike, ended his relationship with singer Jessie J, he went straight to Raya. Besides Niall Haron, the One Direction singer, as also spotted on Raya back in 2018. One of the reasons why Raya attracts such a rich list of celebrities is the features of high-end magazines from around the world. Also, the strict application process and admittance algorithm make Raya exclusive, thereby attracting more celebrities looking for a community of like-minded people.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Raya Price

Compared to other dating apps, Raya offers something new when it comes to membership. Here is everything you need to know.

Free Membership Features

Unfortunately, Raya does not have a free membership account plan. Once a member successfully applies, they are required to subscribe to a premium membership. Raya is completely membership-based, and paid-membership helps maintain its exclusivity.

Premium Membership Features

When you are admitted as a member of Raya, you have to pay the monthly subscription fees. You do not need to earn a lot of money to become a member of Raya. All members pay $7.99 per month; that’s the price of a cocktail. Besides the extensive screening process, the subscription-based membership model helps deter trolls from the dating app. The subscription also allows members to enjoy the exclusivity and features on the app.

Is Raya Really Safe?

Instead of using apps like Tinder, celebrities use Raya for its exclusivity. As a member, it is common to come by a celebrity. Now, there is a reason why you cannot find any screenshots of celebrity profiles from Raya. Privacy is taken very seriously on this dating app. Whenever a user attempts to take a screenshot of a match, the member is instantly threatened with suspension or removal of Raya’s membership.


Raya offers certain exclusivity and premium features, which most people will likely never experience. It acts more like a secret society than a dating app. Despite that, Raya is a great platform to introduce yourself to people who can change your life for the better. The app is designed specifically for people in the creative industry, where they can meet each other either through dating or networking. However, to be able to qualify for Raya membership, you need to be at the top of your game.

How to delete Raya account?

If you wish to delete your Raya account permanently, contact support for assistance. However, you should not assume that this action is irreversible, and all your account data will be deleted too.

How to message someone on Raya?

Unlike most dating apps, Raya features an interface curated to work best for highly productive creative minds. Like a top-tier dating app, Raya requires both parties to consent before anyone can reach out. When a potential match pops-up, the member should tap on the ‘heart icon’ on the profile. The match will then receive a notification of the like. If the match also chooses to like the users’ profile, they can then both interact by messaging.

How to see who likes you on Raya without paying?

Raya operates on a subscription basis. Hence, the only way to see people who like your profile is by paying for membership. These models help deter people who would want to swipe through profiles for fun or personal validation.

How to block someone on Raya?

To block someone on Raya, go to your conversation with the user. On the menu bar, you will find a ‘block’ function. Tap or click on it to block the user from sending you any messages. The user will receive error messages when they attempt to contact you.

How to cancel Raya subscription?

To cancel your Raya subscription, go to profile settings. On the billing section, you will find ‘Auto-Renew’ indicated as ‘on.’ If you wish to cancel subscription renewal, click to turn it ‘off.’ You will be asked to confirm your cancellation to complete.

Contact Information

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  • Address:
  • Zip Code + City: Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US
  • Country: USA
  • Customer Support Email: contact@rayatheapp.com
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