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Senior Friend Finder Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Senior Friend Finder Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • Senior Friend Finder has a stringent policy when it comes to reviewing profiles.
  • Only members with a fully complete profile are allowed to chat.
  • The customer care of the people using it is as best as it gets.
  • Joining chat rooms are mostly free for all users.
  • A huge group of active members considering the age group that it focuses on.
  • There are a lot of options present for you to browse different profiles with many different filters.
  • There is a fantastic feature called the participation points, which enables you to upgrade your account to premium and get the best service possible.
  • There are many advertisements on the website, which can be annoying at times and can even block some visuals.
  • There are tiers to a premium membership that you need to avail of to make use of the different features.
  • It is a concern of many individuals who use Senior Friend Finder that the main page is very congested. It makes the browsing process very difficult.

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Senior Friend Finder is a very fantastic dating website that has been around for a while now. With the amount of success it has had over the years, it is no doubt that it has cemented its place in the dating industry. It specifically focuses on getting the elders of our society a match. There is a massive following of people that are over the age of 50. It also tends to offer a lot of features that come in handy. You will get so many features even if you are a free user of this website. The creators of the site have made sure to eliminate all the fake accounts as much as possible and make this website as safe as possible. In this review of Senior Friend Finder, you will get to know everything you know about this website. After you are done thoroughly reading this review, you can decide whether using Senior Friend Finder is worth your time.

Senior Friend Finder Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Expert’s Review of Senior Friend Finder

Senior Friend Finder is an international website that has people on it from all over the world. There are people from the USA, Australia, Europe and a lot of other places. You need not worry about any discrimination on this website, as there is none. Senior Friend Finder claims to be the largest dating service that is used by senior citizens. With the number of features that it has to offer, it is no surprise that it is doing so well with its target demographic. There is a lot of trust and assurance between the users and the staff of the website. They have an app that allows you to use the services on your mobile phone with no worry of any sort. This website is specially made for the elders, the design and the color scheming is done so that there would be no trouble when using it. You can put your faith in this website with no concern and have the best time dating.

Website Design and Usability

In the time spent researching for this review of the Senior Friend Finder, It has been found that it has a lovely design and is very easy to use. It should not be a concern when finding your way around is something that you struggle with a lot. All of it is taken care of by the creators of the website to make it as simple as possible. As this website is made specifically for senior citizens, it is always a significant concern about whether they can easily make use of it or not.

Special Features

Many things make Senior Friend Finder what it is. There are many features, all aiming towards making dating for seniors a simple task. Senior Friend Finder provides matches that perfectly fit with your preferences, makes it easy for you to find a person you are looking for. There are several chat rooms and forums that you can visit to find people that share similar interests. You also get an option of going premium, which will provide you some incredible search options to make your experience pleasant. Something different that Senior Friend Finder hasis they have a magazine of their own, which you will be able to read and catch up with what is going on. The website is made to open it on your mobile web browser or any sort of device. There is an app available for IOS devices, which is very useful if you’re a frequent mobile user. Unfortunately, the app version of Senior Friend Finder is not yet available on the android devices.

Special Features

How Does Senior Friend Finder Work?

The creators of Senior Friend Finder have made sure to keep the fake and unwanted accounts away from the website with an algorithm. There is a method they use to detect all the fake accounts and completely ban them. There is absolutely nothing you need to worry about when you are using this app. They also work on providing you with a match perfectly suiting your preferences and nothing else so that you find your perfect match. There is a wide variety of search options in your hand, which you can use to find exactly what you are looking for. These search options also diversify when you decide on going premium with the website.

Sign Up Process

The signup process at Senior Friend Finder is straightforward. The creators of the site have made sure to make it as effortless to save a lot of your precious time. All you require to do is visit the website or the app and just click on the option which says sign up. Then they will ask you a few simple questions such as your age, gender, preferences, and similar type of general questions. Once you are done with this, there is a special section available for you to make your profile more robust. There is one more thing while signing up that you can see. Unlike many other dating websites, Senior Friend Finder gives you a unique feature where you can make an account as a single person, a couple, or a group. This is something very unique to Senior Friend Finder, where you can enter the website as a group of people as well and join forums and chat rooms.

Users Profile Quality

The quality of each profile here at Senior Friend Finder varies from person to person. You will find people with very robust, informative profiles to people with limited or less informative profiles. There is an option box that you can fill to tell a lot more about yourself. This can help the other person know and understand you even more. Senior Friend Finder makes sure to ban all the profiles that seem a little bit suspicious. They make sure that the actual users are not being troubled at all. All in all, each profile’s quality is not as good as other websites, keeping in mind that it’s only senior citizens using it. It is evident to say; it’s quite useful if you look at it.

Mobile Application

There is an app available to you if you prefer using your mobile for dating and finding a match for yourself. Although there is one limitation to it, it is only available on IOS devices and not Android. This is unfortunate, but for the people who have an IOS device, this is good news. You can get the Senior Friend Finder app from the apple store quickly. Also, the app has to offer all the features that the website has to offer, and it is effortless to use. In my opinion, you won’t have any trouble at all operating on mobile.

Mobile Application

Senior Friend Finder Alternatives and Similar Websites & App

There are many websites that you can use if you want to use something other than Senior Friend Finder. These websites are very different compared to Senior Friend Finder, but they will all do a similar job. Two sites that you can visit if you want the same results are Cupid and WantMatures.

Membership Price and Payment Methods

There is an insane number of features that you can make use of once you decide to go premium with Senior Friend Finder. There are different tiers to your membership; with each tier, the number of features that you get to use increases. In this review of the Senior Friend Finder, you will know all about the costs and prices of the membership. The two types of memberships that you can getare silver and gold. Here is all you need to know about them.

The Silver Membership Costs and Prices:

  • 22.99 USD for a month at 22.99 USD/Month
  • 35.97 USD for three months at 11.99 USD/Month

The Gold Membership Costs and Prices:

  • 34.99 USD for a month at 34.99 USD/Month
  • 59.96 USD for three months at 14.99 USD/Month

You can easily pay for these memberships with your credit card and enjoyall of the amazing features that come with it.

Free Membership Features

You can do some things if you don’t want to spend any money and stay a free member. These things include making a profile and uploading all the information about yourself, like your height, marital status, etc. You can also upload pictures of yourself and make use of a few different features. These few features include you being able to message people, join chat groups, and instant message people back. With a little bit of luck and proper profile creation, you can easily find a match for yourself. If you want to increase your chances of getting a match and finding a partner to have a good quality time, you should go for the premium membership.

Premium Membership Features

When you go premium, there are several things you can do. There are two types of memberships at Senior Friend Finder the Gold membership and the Silver Membership. When you decide on getting the silver membership, you still get to use a lot of features. You get your profile verified a lot faster as compared to other free members. You also get a lot of different search options, and you can contact every member on the website with no restrictions. Your profile is shown before all the other free members, which will surely increase your chances of getting matched. As a Gold member, you get to do all the above, plus you get access to extra-large photos, and the best customer care service is ready to help you out. You also get to use all the search options that Senior Friend Finder has to provide to its users. You get the details of the members you are getting matched with, and you can review them yourself.

Premium Membership Features

Is Senior Friend Finder Safe?

If safety is what you are looking into, the creators of Senior Friend Finder have made sure to make it as safe as possible. You will not have any trouble when it comes to being safe. Every account that is present on this website has to get verified beforehand to start getting a match. Also, customer care is available for you 24 hours every day. If you find any account that does not seem normal and potentially cause harm to your safety, you can easily report it to the people working at Senior Friend Finder.


Senior Friend Finder is a great app that anyone over the age of 50 can use with no worry of any sort. Many things make Senior Friend Finder such a great app and website. With the amount of success that it has had over the years, it is evident that they do a great job of finding every person a match according to their preferences. There is also no room for any fake accounts. They have great customer service. Also, they charge a reasonable price for the premium membership, and you will surely enjoy your stay at Senior Friend Finder. This was my review of the Senior Friend Finder dating website; hopefully, you found it helpful and have decided whether to give it a try. If you have any further questions, then there are a few frequently asked questions that have been answered below.


If you have any query that hasn’t been answered in the review above, a few frequently asked questions are assembled for you, which will surely help you out. Many users have asked these questions of Senior Friend Finder over and over again. It is advised that you go through them as they might be beneficial to you,

How To Delete Senior Friend Finder Account?

It is effortless to delete your Senior Friend Finder account. You are supposed to follow some simple steps. First, you need to go to the menu and click on my account, and then you need to click on the link which says delete your account. Then it will ask you if you want to permanently delete your account, here you need to say yes. After that, you need to enter your password and click on yes. Then your account will be deleted.

How To Message Someone On Senior Friend Finder?

You can easily message any person you want on the Senior Friend Finder app if you are a premium member. Otherwise, you need to wait for yourself to get matched with that person.

How to See Who Likes You on Senior Friend Finder Without Paying?

There is no way to see who likes you unless you are a paid user of Senior Friend Finder. You need to be a premium member of the gold or the silver membership to see who has liked your profile. If you have a premium membership, you can even message that person with no restriction of any sort.

How to Block Someone on Senior Friend Finder?

You can easily block someone by just visiting their profile and clicking on it. There is an option available to you, which says block. When you block a person, they will not be able to message you in the future. Also, there is no chance of you getting matched with them again. If you find that account to be a little suspicious in some cases, you can even report them.

How to Cancel Senior Friend Finder Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime, but it’s of no use as there is no refund available. Once you have paid for the services, you have to use them until they expire. In my personal opinion, you should just use the features until you can and then leave the website once it has expired.

How to Cancel Senior Friend Finder Subscription?

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Senior Friend Finder
  • Address: FriendFinder Networks Inc.910 E. Hamilton Ave Sixth Floor Campbell,
  • Zip Code + City: California 95008
  • Country: USA
  • Customer Support Email: privacy@friendfindernetworks.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Community/Senior-Friend-Finder-1411678885747509/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/seniorff
  • Blog: https://seniorfriendfinder.com/blog/
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