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SoulSingles Website Review – Perfect Dating Service

SoulSingles Website Review – Perfect Dating Service
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Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 23-35
Profiles 4.500.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • User-friendly interface;
  • The site belongs to the World Singles Network;
  • The registration process is fast;
  • The price for premium membership is affordable;
  • The user database is large enough.
  • A high risk of meeting abandoned profiles.
  • A mobile app is not available for Android/iOS users.

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SoulSingles: Detailed Review of the Top Dating Platform

Do you know the feeling when your beloved person likes you in return? Love asks for the risk. If you want to feel butterflies, you should learn a bit more about SoulSingles. The World Singles Network has been helping single people fulfill their dreams about real love, romantic dating, strong friendship, life-long marriage. It is time to start your fun communication with attractive people from all around the world.

The SoulSingles website stands apart. Here are the main reasons:

They are honest with their clients. They tell all new members that their dating results depend on what they put in. It is better to start using the site with an open mind and heart. You should believe that a magic meeting can happen anytime.

A highly professional staff is dedicated to providing the best dating experience on the website. Every new member receives support on how to make the first impression powerful enough. They have fancy machines that work smoothly. Using the site, you will make a lot of real connections with people. You can trust your intuition and use advanced search tools to polish the results. This dating environment is fun, secure, and straightforward.

The main philosophy of SoulSingles is that love is the supreme force in the entire Universe. Real love motivates people to live and grow as better personalities. Use this top dating platform to learn more about other people and yourself.

SoulSingles: Detailed Review of the Top Dating Platform

Website Usability: Is It Enough Efficient?

The design of SoulSingles is excellent. It looks fresh, modern, and engaging to start straight dating online away. Its functionality is simple, even if you do not have in-depth computer knowledge.

All members get access to basic, advanced, and platinum search tools. You should use these tools to find the most compatible matches. You can start with a simple search tool, which includes the following parameters: age, gender, zip code. As for the advanced search tool, you can filter by country, state, ethnicity, weight, height, race, body complexion, and religious beliefs. Finally, the platinum search tool is available for the members who purchased a premium subscription plan. You can be sure the site will help you find perfect potential love partners taking into consideration common interests, body preferences, zodiac signs, keywords, and even usernames.

What Special Features Does This Dating Site Offer?

When a new user starts exploring the central area of the website, he or she does not find any special features. However, it does not mean that SoulSingles lacks some critical features for online dating. You will find the functions for internal messaging needs, a search engine, and even an instant chat that supports video chats. SoulSingles has a range of the most essential features to have an enjoyable dating experience. It is simple to use, so it will make your life easier with all these technologies.

We would like to pay your attention to the feature, which is called “My Flirts.” This feature allows you to send playful text messages to other members. It is an efficient way to draw attention to your profile.

There is another efficient feature called “My Match.” By using this feature, you let the website connect you with potential matches automatically. You will have a chance to see their profiles, photos, likes/dislikes, and the rest of the essential information about members.

We encourage you to add your personal information to your profile. SoulSingles has a new feature that allows you to add exciting videos. They serve as the self-presentation about your personality and your way of living. Such videos do not last longer than a minute. Use this feature to express your unique personality to potential matches.

SoulSingles is famous for hosting significant events, which help single people meet in person. Everyone can participate in the following events “Washington Wizards Singles Nights,” a fun and active “Basketball Date Contest,” or speedy datings.

In our opinion, one of the best functions of the SoulSingles website is that the members can invite the best friends in order to build a network. You will have a chance to learn new things about your friends. It is a way to boost your exposure and meet a lot of exciting people.

What Special Features Does This Dating Site Offer?

Let’s See How the SoulSingles Dating Platform Work

The fact that SoulSingles has a simple set of features does not mean that its effectiveness is low. You should measure this dating platform by the level of favorable results in terms of dating. All the features of SoulSingles are intuitive and easy to access. We find the functionality of SoulSingles quite efficient and accessible to users of any computer proficiency. The SoulSingles has the efficient search engine and a vast database of active users.

The search engine indexes other users’ profiles, which is based on their attributes. SoulSingles does not have the same algorithm like other similar and more modern dating websites offer. The compatibility of the members’ profiles is accurate as we would like to see.

If you look at most profiles, look quite detailed. There is a little amount of abandoned profiles. We have checked a lot of profiles and discovered that a lot of them should be discarded for that reason.

You will not get frustrated with the search process on the SoulSingles site. Indeed, you can customize your search results by applying the filters. You should know that a lot of people have found their love partners and new friends.

Let’s See How the SoulSingles Dating Platform Work

How Does Signing Up Process Look Like?

The whole signing up process for the SoulSingles website looks pretty fast and intuitive. On the homepage, a new user is asked to choose the gender and the one for your preferred partner. Do not forget to mention your birthday, email address, and place of living. From this point, you have an account and a status as a free member.

All new members receive a verification link to the provided email. A user has to click the link within 72 hours. If you do not do this, your newly created SoulSingles account will be inactivated. In our experience, we receive the verification link instantaneously.

How to Build a High-Quality Profile?

By joining SoulSingles, you are allowed as a new member to build your personal profile. You can start composing your profile straight after the registration process. Alternatively, you can do it any time later. Some members prefer to do it later because they want to browse some existing SoulSingles profiles to have the idea of what information other people share with this dating community.

Every personal profile consists of an image and five additional photos, which are optional. You have the “About Me” section, where you can write your personal details. Do not forget that this information helps other members know you a bit better. You can mention some interesting facts about you, your potential match, and your life goals in general.

When a new member of SoulSingles fills out his or her profile, it is recommended to mention the details of the main physical characteristics, as well as personality traits. You will find a lot of questions, which you can answer by choosing the matching options from the dropping-down menu. You can include the following attributes: your weight, height, body constitution, the color of the eyes, and so on. There is a question, which specifies your ethnicity. The majority of SoulSingles users belong to African-American, Haitian, Caribbean, Jamaican, African, and, of course, all other kinds of mixed races. SoulSingles does not ask any too complicated questions or personality tests. Everything is simple and easy to do.

SoulSingles: How to Build a High-Quality Profile?

Can SoulSingles Users Install a Mobile Application?

What about the SoulSingles application? It is a common question among plenty of users. While preparing this online dating website review, we could not find any official SoulSingles app. However, it should not disappoint you. In order to continue chatting with your matches, you can use a mobile version that is compatible with all tablets and smartphones. So you will not miss out on new messages. You can respond fast enough.

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  2. AfriMeets
  3. BlackCupid
  4. Match
  5. EliteSingles

Check The Prices For Dating Website Membership Prices

SoulSingles is a free online dating website. We checked all the free features and found them extremely limited. Everyone can upgrade his or her status to premium. You will get access to extra communication features.

So, if you are sure to purchase a premium subscription plan for one month, it will cost you 24.99 USD. We find this pricing is too high compared to other similar sites you can find on the internet. You can save around 20% if you purchase a three months subscription plan. The most economical version is a six-month subscription plan, which will save 40%.

SoulSingles: Check The Prices For Dating Website Membership Prices

What Free Membership Features Do SoulSingles Offer?

As a free website member, you can create a profile and use all search tools. However, you can have a complete dating experience after purchasing a premium subscription plan. If you just want to test the website to see the quality of the member’s database, this is more than enough.

Explore Excellent Premium Membership Features

Video Profile: it is possible to add a video presentation. Make sure that the video is one minute lost. Use this chance to speak about yourself and your life goals. Share your main interests and reveal your expectations about your future partner. This feature will help you attract a lot of potential matches.

My Match: it is a useful feature, which helps you connect with a lot of interesting people on the SoulSingles website. You will get all the needed details, such as age, photos, likes/dislikes, etc.

Personality Match: you should use this premium feature to accomplish an interesting personality test. These tests can easily define unique aspects of your personality. You will discover the following about yourself: romantic mood, creative way of thinking, the level of spontaneity, and self-confidence. As soon as you provide the answers, SoulSingles will match your profile to people who have the same interests and qualities automatically. It is an advanced auto-matching mechanism that identifies mutual matches. Also, this impressive feature works as an icebreaker to start a pleasant conversation.

My Flirts: we recommend you use this feature to let SoulSingles crush with each other. You will draw people’s attention quickly. Make sure that you use intriguing and playful texts.

Events: SoulSingles holds exciting events for its members. You can participate in numerous speed dating, basketball dating contests, and the well-known Washington Wizards Singles Nights. You should not miss such a splendid chance to bring your online dating experience to a higher level and meet a lot of interesting people in person.

Friends List: having access to this feature, it is possible to build a private network of your best friends and matches. It is a chance to get to know additional information about those people. Building the circle of friends is an excellent feature.

What Free Membership Features Do SoulSingles Offer?

Can We Consider SoulSingles Safe Enough?

The safest way to start communication is through messaging or winks. When you meet a new member, keep your mind open. At the same time, you should be very careful about any kind of odd or strange behavior or member’s inconsistencies. Do not forget that a person can be fake. You should trust all your instincts.

Your correspondence on SoulSingles takes place via a double-blind system. It is the only way to protect the member’s identity. We don’t recommend to include the last name, emails, place of living, cell number, work, or other ID information. You should respect other members. Do not become too intimate and familiar with people you barely know.

Can We Consider SoulSingles Safe Enough?


Living in a big city is rough. You are surrounded by thousands of people, but you can’t start healthy relationships because everyone is busy and focused on their career. Plenty of people feel so lonely these days.

As soon as you join this dating website, you see hundreds of beautiful and single men and women who are searching for a life partner, romantic affair, or new friendship, just like you. You will find all the needed features to find matching people.

By using advanced search tools, you will find your perfect date within no time. Start with creating an eye-catching profile, and let the website do the rest for you. We encourage you to read numerous success love stories from active members. You can be sure that your particular person is waiting for you on SoulSingles right now.

SoulSingles: Conclusion

The website is easy to use. However, some technical issues arise all the time. Below, you will find the answers to common questions the clients ask admins all the time.

The Way to Delete My Dating Profile on SoulSingles

You must log in to your SoulSingles account. Then you have to press “My Account” (see the top right side of the webpage). Press the “Delete Profile” tab and follow the provided instructions.

How to Interact With Other Members on SoulSingles?

If you want to get a maximum of this dating platform, purchase a subscription plan, and enjoy messaging the most beautiful single people around.

How Can You Check What Members Like My Dating Profile on SoulSingles?

There is a feature called “My Match.” By using this feature, you can see who likes/dislikes your profile.

Is It Allowed to Block a Member on the SoulSingles Website?

It is not very difficult to prevent a particular member from contacting you in the future. You have to open his or her profile and then press the icon with three dots, which you will find at the very top of the SoulSingles profile. So, next time, when this member will try to bother you again, he or she will receive the following notification: “This profile is currently unavailable.”

The Procedure of Canceling the SoulSingles Website Subscription?

Every subscription plan on SoulSingles gets auto-renewed. You can turn it off any time and completely deactivate your rebilling mechanism. Make sure that you do it before the expiration date of the premium subscription. You can use the SoulSingles services until the end of your paid period.

The Procedure of Canceling the SoulSingles Website Subscription?

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