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Chatroulette Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Chatroulette Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Profiles 1.500.000
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Pros and Cons

  • One can get connected to a beautiful user;
  • The platform is straightforward when it comes to usage;
  • Most of the users are above 18 years;
  • It does not need too much information.
  • You may not get a match directly since you are randomly connected;
  • It does not have a message chat feature.

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There has been much buzz about Chatroulette since its inception. Most of the users enjoy the video chat session. You see, this site is awe-inspiring. One can decide to end the current session and begin another one with a new user. It gives a unique experience rife with amusement. However, only those that have attained 18 years are permitted to use the site. Chatroulette rose to fame in the early 2010s. Back then, it offered an audio chat, text chat, and video chat. It was established by a young man named Andrey Ternovskiy. The site garnered thousands of users within a short time. Much buzz about the website made it famous across different countries. As per the stats, the platform had managed to register about 1.5 million in just four months. Seemingly, most of its users were thrilled by the site’s simple yet effective interface.

Expert’s Review of Chatroulette

It is right to say that people are ever finding more ways to communicate. Sites like Chatroulette have come up due to the need to connect more people. This platform offers the most refreshing way to talk and exchange thoughts virtually. Surprisingly, this platform does not demand account creation. Yes, you read it right! You do not need to register to enjoy its services. You only need to enter the site and have your webcam ready. Afterward, you are paired with random people. These members could be from anywhere in the world. Naturally, the platform works like the roulette game. And this could be an aspect that makes it attractive. Gender is not an issue on this site. Despite your gender, you will be linked to a user for a video chat. It happens that the website may contain much obscenity. As you have explored in a preceding paragraph, the site has its pros and cons. However, it is still a great platform.

Expert's Review of Chatroulette

Quick Facts

  • Chatroulette attracted a whopping 1.5 million users in just four months.
  • The aspect of people creating their gimmicks made the site rise into fame. It led to the birth of mini-celebrities, such as Merton. Most celebrities were paired with random members who did not suspect anything.

Many studios used the platform to market their movies and music. The platform earns revenue from advertisements. The platform gained more than a million users from various locations. It was through word-of-mouth and the multiple gimmicks created by users that led to its instant hit. Reports show that some celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Justin Bieber, and Ashton Kutcher went ahead and gave it a try. Consequently, many movie studios saw an opportunity to market their films. They could promote their movies and other products on the site. Notably, The Last Exorcism was one of the films that were exclusively promoted on the platform. Naturally, a site that gets lots of visitors daily is an excellent platform for advertisers. That is how Chatroulette began to create huge revenues as the users enjoyed free services.

Website Design & Usability

  • The website layout is still okay for a website that is offered free.
  • You do not need to make a registration. You are simply required to enter the homepage and get paired to a random stranger. Its most significant element is the webcam that is set at the center of the page. Sadly, you cannot enjoy text chatting. The feature was removed some years ago.
  • For you to begin a chat, you have to perform face recognition. The website layout is radically changing. Since its inception back in 2009, the site has had a good design.

However, some elements were scrapped from the platform. You can only have fun with the webcams. Sadly, it is impossible for any user to text chat. Thus, if you intend to exchange thoughts or anything, you have to do it verbally and virtually. While on a video chat, you may never experience any lags. You see, the site fully supports video calls. Thus, the website is highly responsive and allows users to enjoy their video chats without any hurdles. Here, neither username nor gender is needed. That is, you do not need to register on Chatroulette. You simply show up. Facial recognition is required to be permitted to initiate the video chat. The facial recognition feature has fished out guys who used the video chat to showcase obscenity and other disgusting stuff.

Website Design & Usability

Special Features

The unique element is video chat. If you compare this site with other similar platforms, you will realize that it lacks several key features that it should possess. But most of its features were removed when they discovered that some users are misusing them. Some elements, such as text chatting, were removed. However, the video chat element is a good one for all users. Once you open the URL of the site, you are required to perform some face recognition so that you could be allowed to video chat with your randomly paired partner.

How does Chatroulette Work?

Do you know how Chatroulette works? Well, do not worry, even if this is your first time hearing about it. You see, if you have been searching for a platform that could allow you to video chat with fellow members, Chatroulette has you covered. Here, you can get paired with a random user for a video chat. The text chat element was removed from the site. They had it deactivated even without notice. They must have noticed something fishy with the use of the text chat element. Perhaps, it was not serving the intended purpose. To enjoy the video chat element, one has to open the website. Once you enter the site, the webcam performs face recognition. This step is aimed at making sure there are no fraudsters who are just there to terrorize fellow users. You can switch from one user to another.

How does Chatroulette Work?

Sign Up Process

Chatroulette is a great site, yet no registration is required. It may sound strange but no sign-up requirements on this site. No personal details such as gender, school, job description, sexual orientation, age, body type, or location are required. As long as you can show up on the platform, you are good to begin a video chat with a randomly selected user. The only task you must undertake is facial recognition. The system performs a face recognition task to permit you to proceed with video chat. You cannot be paired before you take the face recognition step. But this phase does not mean that you are registering.

The platform does not need any personal information. However, it is upon you to maintain privacy while on the video chat. Do not go about sharing all your info with strangers. Make sure you read the safety tips on how to chat virtually. Also, you should review the site’s terms of use. Such guidelines will help you know what to do and what should never be attempted on the site.

Users Profiles Quality

Since the platform does not require any registration, you, therefore, never have a profile. The only thing you must make sure that facial recognition is done correctly. This task is performed to give you a pass to your video chat. Nonetheless, you must test your webcam before use to ensure it is in perfect condition.

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, Chatroulette does not possess a mobile application. Thus, android and iOS users cannot find any app that they could utilize on their phones. But the site is accessible through mobile browsers. If you intend to use your phone, just type in the URL of the website and the homepage shall appear. It carries the webcam and a few tabs at its bottom.

Chatroulette Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

  • ChatSpin

ChatSpin is yet another excellent similar app to Chatroulette. It offers video chat. Users from various parts of the globe are linked randomly to video chat. It began a long time ago as a relatively small entity whose objective was to connect strangers for a video chat. However, its growth has been tremendous. The site has a very vast user-base. ChatSpin possesses a lot of useful elements. For example, it has search filters based on gender and location. It is also a multi-versioned site. It has an app that mobile phone users can download. It is available for both mobile phone operating systems.

The site also boasts of an advanced AR face filter. This remarkable element is meant for the desktop version. With this feature, you can develop stuff like mustaches and face masks. Here, you may not come across any scammer. Safety and security are highly catered, and the highest priority is the safety of its users. It includes anonymous chats and machine learning software as top security strategies. The software is beneficial and effective in detecting any users that violate its terms of use.

  • Bazoocam

The Bazoocam was invented back in 2010. It happens to be one of the earliest apps, similar to Chatroulette. It is widely known for its ability to pair users according to their locations. It uses an exceptional algorithm that makes it possible to link two partners from different parts of the world. There are also awesome games on the platform. You can invite other users to play such games even if you are not aware of how to initiate a video call. Some of the games you can play are Tic Tac Toe, Tetris, A Row, etc. they are fun, and you do not need prior experience to play them.

  • CooMeet

Here, men can find a compatible partner easily. See, most of the women found on this site possess great profiles that make it easy for men to view them and make a selection. You will realize that most of the profiles on CooMeet are verified. The quality of profiles is a top priority to the operators of the platform.

It involves a lot of messaging, online video flirting, and even social networking. It is approximated that in every hour, the site will have 60 men who are active for matching.

  • Tinychat

The Tinychat was established before Chatroulette. However, the platform may not have as many features as you may think. But its growth is surpassing most sites with great features. On this site, one can have fun in a chat room. It is possible to reach out via a message to another user of the site right from the room. It has a large user base that makes the chat rooms interesting and lively. If you have a good or strong internet connection, you can use a video chat with any member of your choice. With this platform, you can get linked to strangers from various parts of the globe. The connections are achieved through fast and simple webcams. Better still, if you are a celeb, you can easily link up with random fans with the help of Tinychat. You can also pick the countries you want to get connected with users from there. And lastly, on this, the site was officially launched in 2008.

Chatroulette Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Membership Price and Payment Methods

In Chatroulette, there are no membership plans. Yes, you read it correctly. Here, no one will ask you to choose either a free or a fee-based plan. In short, the site does not need any payments for you to use. It is free for all users. So, there are no costs linked to its use. You just need to have a good mobile phone or a desktop. A laptop can serve well. The site earns revenue from adverts. A lot of firms use the site for advertising their products and services.

Free Membership Features

Video chatting, you can get paired with a random user from any part of the world.

Premium Membership Features

There are no premium features. All the elements on this site are free to use.

Is Chatroulette Really Safe?

Yes, this site is now safe. A while back, the site had a lot of obscene stuff from strangers. However, the ‘not-so-good’ content has reduced. Chatroulette strives to make sure all users are safe by performing a face recognition task. It aims to prevent users from transmitting dirty content to others.


Indeed, a lot may have changed on this site. However, you can still leverage the video chats with strangers from different areas. As you have explored in the past paragraph, the text messaging element was scraped. There were no reasons for such a move. But it could have been a move to improve safety since most users could have experienced a lot of bad habits such as cyberbullying from anonymous members.

The platform has an extensive user-base. The best feature available on the site is the video chat. So, you can only make use of this feature, which begins with face recognition. You may come across bugs on the site. Even the site has made it clear in the guidelines section that you should expect bugs. The platform lacks a mobile app that both android and iOS users can utilize on their phones. However, it is accessible via mobile browsers. It is seamless while accessed via the mobile browser. Most of its users are only vetted by the use of the face recognition feature. It connotes that you could be denied entry if you have a baby face at age 30. It has added a ‘report’ button. It seems the Chatroulette button is meant to block the other user from reaching out to you.

Chatroulette Conclusion

Here are the answers to any questions that you may have.

How to Delete Chatroulette Account?

Well, this is not possible on Chatroulette. You may not be able to delete an account from this site because it does not have them. The site does not demand the creation of accounts. So, there are no accounts to delete.

How to Message Someone on Chatroulette?

The text messaging feature was removed from the website. Therefore, you cannot reach out to another user via a text message. Here, you can only use the video chat feature.

How to See Who Likes You on Chatroulette without Paying?

Here, you cannot see who liked you. Remember, there are no accounts or even profiles that you can like. The site allows you to connect via video calls with randomly paired users.

How to Block Someone on Chatroulette?

You can use the report button to prevent disrespectful members from reaching you or contacting you via a video call.

How to Cancel Chatroulette Subscription?

The platform is used free of charge. So, since you do pay any number of bucks, you cannot cancel subscriptions.

How to Cancel Chatroulette Subscription?

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Chatroulette, Inc.
  • Address: n/a
  • Zip Code + City: Houston
  • Country: USA
  • Customer Support Email: support@chatroulette.com.
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chatrouletteag/
  • Twitter: @Chatroulette
  • Blog:https://www.chatroulette.com/
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