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Wing Review of 2021 – Can You Trust It or Should You Pass

Wing Review of 2021 – Can You Trust It or Should You Pass
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Pros and Cons

  • Wing is a new and free application with exclusive features.
  • It is completely free and does not require you to pay money.
  • Wing has a pleasant design and comfortable usability.
  • The application is not that popular even in the USA.
  • Wing is not compatible with Windows and Android systems.
  • The support team may take their time to respond.
  • The chances of matching are quite low in 2020.

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Wing is an exclusive dating service developed as a mobile application for finding a match for dating that may result in a serious relationship or just some friends with benefits. Besides, it also offers people who do not want to join the matching process to participate in the arrangement of dates and potential pairs. This means that you and your friends and relatives can join the platform to help you find your love or a date for a night. It is a unique feature previously unfamiliar to users of various dating platforms.

This service allows up to 6 members of your family to assist you in searching for a match. This can be an interesting and engaging experience and an unusual way to spend some good time with your family and besties.

Expert’s Opinion about Wing and Its Members

Expert’s Opinion about Wing and Its Members

Wing is a rather new dating platform that was registered in New York. The organization by which the application was developed is called WING Enterprises LLC. The application was meant to be available for users worldwide from the very beginning. However, though it became quite popular when it was first launched, it is hardly familiar to anyone outside the United States of America nowadays. Moreover, despite its widespread usage back in the times when it was first introduced, the quantity of members constantly decreases. As for age groups, you must be at least 18 years old to be able to sign up to Wing, even if you do not expect to use it for personal dating goals. All sexual orientations are welcome on the platform. When it comes to ethnicities and races, individuals of any kind can be met on Wing. Since the United States of America in general and New York in the particular boast of being international social spaces, no wonder that people of numerous ethnicities visit the platform.

The Platform’s Design and Its Influence on the Usability

The Platform’s Design and Its Influence on the Usability

Wing’s design is very pleasant and comfortable. The colors are smooth and attractive, each tint complementing the other. When one uses an application with such colors, they will surely provide them with a quality experience. Furthermore, all sections, buttons, and forms are located in the right places where a user can easily reach and comprehend them.

However, some members report certain bugs that need to be fixed by the developers. Thus, the usability of the application is dubious. According to multiple reviews on the Apple Store, many users are not satisfied with the efficiency of the application. Some of them complain about glitches and bugs, especially when uploading pictures to the profiles.

Special Features That the Platform Provides

Special Features That the Platform Provides

In most of the aspects, Wing features the same options that other multiple dating platforms offer. This means that you can play the matching game that all dating apps have nowadays. If such an application does not offer you this kind of activity, it is definitely may be considered ineffective. Next, as in any other dating app, you can message people you like and send pictures and videos to them and share links with them. However, it should be noted that you can write only to those who liked you back.

Nevertheless, Wing has a unique feature that opens new opportunities and experiences for the users. The dating platform offers to play the role of a matchmaker to its members. Thus, you can not only find your true love on this platform but also unite the hearts of other people and be the one who decides who will meet.

How do Wing’s Matches work and Who Are the Matchmakers?

How do Wing’s Matches work and Who Are the Matchmakers?

So, how does this unique feature work? Is it worth trying? Let us find out. First of all, this is indeed the only application that provides such an option. You can connect profiles of your family members and friends to your profile so they will help you to seek a good partner. It is a great function as you can discuss all disadvantages and advantages of a potential date’s profile with them before you decide whether you want to match or not. It should be noted that match suggestions made by others do not oblige you to tick a person’s profile if you do not want to.

Next, even if you do not have such friends and relatives who wish to help you with the search for a partner or partners, you can use the help of strangers. These are the Wing’s matchmakers whom you do not know, they can be from another state or even country, but they still can contribute to your future relationships. A random individual browses profiles and checks the information about interests, preferences, etc. When he or she thinks they see a good match, they may offer the profiles to the respective users. This way, one does not have to look through multiple profiles suggested by the search system and can simply study the profiles that were offered by other individuals.

The role of the love matchmakers can also be played by those friends of yours who already have partners and go exclusive but still want to take part in love affairs. Moreover, suppose you just want to have fun with the matching of other people without getting involved in relationships and communication with the members. In that case, you can opt to be just a matchmaker without the role of a dater. If you change your mind, you can become a dater at any moment by simply ticking a respective field in the Settings.

The Sign Up Algorithms That One Needs to Pass

The Sign Up Algorithms That One Needs to Pass

To use Wing’s features, you must be a registered member. Regarding the fact that the application is completely free to use, this is a good obligation that lowers the risks of scams. It should be noted that the registration options are quite limited here. You should have a Facebook account to join the platform. You cannot sign up via your email or another social media account. This leads to some inconveniences in case you are not registered on Facebook. In this case, you will need to either create an account there or leave aside the idea of Wing usage.

By registering on Wing, you automatically agree to the privacy policy and the terms of use of the dating platform. So it is advised to read them carefully before you join Wing.

Please be aware that Wing takes strict measures to check the identities of its users, so it may take some time before you are allowed to use the platform’s features.

Information You Need to Provide in Your Profile

Information You Need to Provide in Your Profile

The basic data that you are recommended to provide are your age, location, and name. It is extremely useful to add a couple of your real photos to increase your chances of matching. Moreover, if you want to find matches as soon as possible, it is better to provide some detailed information about you. It means that the facts about your interests, hobbies, preferences, and life views will become great facilitators of the search process. This info will also help other matchmakers who do not know you well to select the best matches for you.

Besides, it is much more pleasant when you browse the profiles of other members and see detailed information about them. The same thing happens when someone checks your page. So, it is highly advised to respect other individuals and add as many details as possible to your profile. This way, filled and creative profiles will result in mutual understanding and quality communication. And this, in turn, will increase the chances of building true and serious relationships.

Mobile Application Is the Only Option

Mobile Application Is the Only Option

As it was mentioned earlier, Wing is solely a mobile application and does not have a website analog. What is even worse is that this app is compatible with iOS mobile phones only. This means you will not be able to use it if you have a cell that works with Android or Windows systems. This point significantly lowers the number of people who visit the platform. You must be an Apple device owner to join Wing. Maybe this is the explanation of why the application is not that popular as it could be. It is highly unlikely that someone buys an Apple phone merely to join Wing, let alone the fact that it is not guaranteed that you will find your love here. Moreover, multiple members report the poor functioning of the application.

Does Wing Have Better Alternatives?

Does Wing Have Better Alternatives?

One may wonder whether Wing has better and more efficient alternatives and competitors on the market. The answer to this question depends on the criteria by which the dating platforms are assessed. If to prioritize the feature of random matchmakers, then it is a no. To date, no one has offered a similar feature yet. Most of the applications allow sharing links to the profiles with your friends in messengers and social media, but this is not the same case. However, if to compare the number of members, there are more outstanding competitors. As such, below, you may find a list of popular Wing alternatives in terms of users’ quantity. These are the following:

  1. Match
  2. Eharmony
  3. EliteSingles
  4. Lumen
  5. OkCupid
  6. Happn
  7. The Inner Circle
  8. Tinder
  9. Badoo
  10. Coffee Meets Bagel

Though the majority of the aforementioned dating platforms offer paid features, they may appear to be more efficient. We advise you to learn information about all of them before selecting one or several of them. Some may appear more user-friendly and safer than others. Nevertheless, it is up to you to decide what service to use!

Membership Is Free Indeed

The subscription to Wing does not require you to pay a single dollar. You can use all the features that the company offers for free. This means that the application does not care whether you are rich or not. Potential members may find it quite beneficial.

Free Subscription Opportunities

You will not have to purchase any kind of premium accounts to experience the useful features. Rumor has it that the developers are going to launch a renewed version of the application where paid features will be introduced. However, this is not proved yet.

Premium Features Have Not Been Introduced Yet

Though no premium features are available yet, one may think that the policy of the company will be changed someday. As such, messaging to people with whom you are not matched can become available for premium members. Or it may happen that you will not be able to become a matchmaker or a dater until you pay some money. There is also a possibility that all features will be free for regular members but will have certain limitations removed once a user subscribes to a premium account.

Can One Trust Wing? What About Personal Privacy?

Safety is one of the strongest points of Wing. The developers put great effort into providing the members of the platform with a safe experience. Security is the reason why a person can join Wing only via Facebook. Each profile on the platform should pass a manual verification procedure before allowing access to the database. It means that each user is checked by a real individual and not a program. Such an approach contributes to the elimination of scammers on Wing. This also results in the absence of any bots and fake profiles.

Nevertheless, the possibility that you can meet an abusive person on Wing still exists. No support team member can predict whether an individual is a good person or not by simply looking at their Facebook profile. Therefore, you should still be extremely careful. You need to make sure the person you communicate with means no harm to you before sharing any important information or private data with them.



Wing is a dating platform with a truly unique feature that may draw the interest of many single and coupled users. One can opt to either be a matchmaker or a dater. However, anyone can combine both roles. Exploring the dating service is a great way to spend quality time with your family, relatives, and close friends. You can discuss all profiles of potential dates together. This surely sounds like fun.

However, it should be noted that the platform is not that popular as it could be because it is available only on Apple Store. You cannot download it from Google Play Store or Windows Store. It does not have a website version either. Therefore, it may be difficult to find a match on Wing, especially if you are not from the USA.

Still, the developers seem to take proper care of the security of the Wing’s members. Each user is thoroughly checked before receiving access to the platform. This lowers the risks of scams to a significant extent. Nevertheless, the decision of whether to join Wing or not is only up to you!

Below you will see the answers to the most frequent questions that any user may have. You can refer to them before joining Wing or after this in case of any issues.

How to remove Wing account from the database?

If you want to erase your account from the Wing’s database, simply deleting the application from your mobile phone will not be enough. To make sure no information about you is stored by Wing anymore, you will need to go to Settings and choose the option “Delete Account.” This way, you may rest assured that all your pictures, matches, texts, and any information in your profile will be deleted from the dating platform. Make sure you really want to do this, as there is no way back once you hit the button. If you decide to come back later, you will have to start from the very beginning.

How to text someone you like on Wing?

Unlike on many other dating platforms that allow communication between users who are not matched, Wing does not offer such an option. To text someone, you have to match with this person. This means that you will not be able to write to him or her until you both match or a matchmaker sends a successful request. And once the matching went positive, you are free to initiate a conversation with a person you like or wait until they text you first.

How to find out who shows interest in you on Wing for free?

The application is free, which means that you do not need to pay a single cent to learn who liked your profile.

How to block a person you do not like on Wing?

If you do not want to be matched with a particular person, you may opt to go to the section where this match is shown and choose “Block Match.” This person will never show up in your matches again. In case you need to black a matchmaker, not a dater, you may do this as well. Just hit “Block Matchmaker” when you see a bad matchmaker suggesting you a set-up. It is safe. This person will never know that you blocked them.

How can one cancel a Wing subscription?

Wing is a free application so far, which means you do not need to purchase any subscription. If you want to stop using the services of the dating platform, you can delete your account in the respective section in Settings.

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