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Mocospace Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

Mocospace Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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Pros and Cons

  • It has an impressively diverse user base.
  • It has several offices, not only in the States but also abroad.
  • It has a mind-bending one hundred million users worldwide. Other similar platforms do not even come close to this number.
  • With over fifteen years of experience in the sphere, it is remarkable in what it does.
  • It offers an easy and quick sign up process. You can do it in a couple of seconds.
  • All members get to message each other as much as they want.
  • You are not limited to photographs for your avatar and header. Here, you can use gifs too.
  • It offers entertaining games where you can also meet cool people.
  • You can save some money on your membership by playing games on its platforms.
  • Other than the games, it also has fascinating surveys that can help to win you gold.
  • All chats show up in the public rooms, even direct messages to one member.
  • All your activities are shown on your profile page. That includes the photos you liked.
  • The ads can get a little annoying for free users. That is most noticeable in the mobile application.
  • Creating an account is too easy, and some disingenuous people may want to take advantage of that.

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Mocospace was launched in 2005. Nowadays, millions of people use the service to meet someone and get dates, thus, calling it a dating platform.

This site has changed and enhanced itself over the years. It caters to users’ needs and wants to become a leading platform for sharing your thoughts and meeting people. An interesting thing it has over other platforms is how diverse the users are. It has a massive user base, and it is quite well divided between Hispanic, African-American, and many other ethnicities.

It is also in place to point out that the primary age demographic it has is between eighteen and twenty-four years old. Nonetheless, it has users over twenty-five and even way over thirty-five, just in smaller amounts compared to the former. As you can imagine, with its main demographic being younger folks, it is mainly accessed through smartphones. For this reason, it has created great mobile apps for every operating system. Here are some of the advantages and lapses to take note of.

Mocospace is an exciting platform. Its primary focus is on games and social interactions. At first, the platform was created to bring people to a corner where they could enjoy mobile games and, at the same time, stay connected with one another. That is how the chat rooms came to be. But that became much more than just a place for gamers to interact about their scores and tricks. Those chats then became more of its entity for people to meet and communicate.

Mocospace’s platform grew quickly. In part, for its games and how much interest there is for this kind of mobile entertainment. But also because of its chat rooms. After all, there were not many platforms that allowed for unlimited messaging and communication between users without charging extra for it. As you probably already know, most sites charge for messages sent. Here, the story is very different, where any user can send as many messages as they see fit.

That attracted some people, but more importantly, the ones that came for the games then saw the potential of the site. And that potential was for meeting new people. Going through reviews and reading what people are saying paints a very clear picture of the platform. Lots of people enter because they want to play but then start meeting people, use the chat rooms, and fall in love with the social aspect of it.

With over one hundred million users from all kinds of places and corners of the world, Mocospace’s platform is unbeatable. It is straightforward to meet all types of folks and gals. At the same time, it is entertaining to compete with them in the games this platform has. There are tons of quests and missions you can jump on with other users. That makes it much more fun. They even have exclusive titles that are explicitly focused on interactions with other users. They also have something resembling a stock market, but instead of stocks, you trade with friends. That may sound strange, but as soon as you start playing, you see why so many people love it.

Then, of course, you have the chats. This is so much fun, not only because of the discussions but due to the sheer amount of people in them. There certainly are not many sites with such a big and loyal user base. It is estimated that people use the service daily for a combined one million collective hours. That is almost unheard of, and you can imagine how incredible it is to be in there and use the platform.

Mocospace Review 2020 – Perfect or Scam?

Expert’s Review of Mocospace

As mentioned, Mocospace started in 2005. It is interesting to remember those long gone times when social platforms were not a thing yet. Back then, forward-looking companies like this one started experimenting with that thought. They wanted to create a platform for people to enjoy the internet gaming sphere that was gaining popularity. Not only that, but they understood how important it is for players to interact with one another and be able to compete and form teams.

Their forward-thinking and constantly adapting approach is what put the platform where it is today. Around that time, other similar websites also wanted a piece of that internet-social sphere cake. But the main difference lies in how they reacted to change. Where most others tried to stick to what they thought pertinent, Mocospace evolved. It created more options for users. Give them more tools for communicating and keep improving in their games and interface. For that reason, nowadays, it is more reliable than ever, whereas the others dropped out of the race a long time ago.

Something to be considered carefully is the goals and mentality of the people using this site. It is a game and gaming site first. For that reason, not everyone here is actively trying to land a date and find love. But the other way around. People here love to play the games this site offers and also enjoy the social aspect. Some chat rooms have grown to become full-blown dating rooms, but that does not mean all users are into that.

You can quickly meet all kinds of exciting individuals and find dates here. Just keep in mind that not everyone is here with that goal, so you may want to be a little more subtle when you start talking with someone. That is if you are not using one of the dating chat rooms but some other. If you went straight away for the dating rooms, then, by all means, go for it.

Expert's Review of Mocospace

Website Design & Usability

Mocospace’s platform is a fascinating case for how to make things right. They have gone through many changes over their time as a platform, and for a good reason. Each time the platform improved and became more user friendly as well as pleasing to the eye. New users have no problems at all when using the platform for the first time. That is mainly due to how much the design reminds you of Facebook, and that says a lot.

The way they organize windows and menus, as well as the layout, may not be the simplest. But it is made in such a way that anyone can understand it at a glance. People have grown so accustomed to the way Facebook and other similar platforms work that it seems confusing when you come across something different. It is where most other sites fail. They try to oversimplify things without seeing the bigger picture. Users want familiarity, and they need to be presented with something similar to what they are accustomed to.

For this reason, Mocospace shines. They did everything right. The platform is similar to other popular ones; it offers tons of functionality and delivers in all its promises.

Mocospace Website Design & Usability

Special Features

Mocospace has lots of very innovative and fun features. Moreover, they have an outstanding mobile application that brings even more to the table, further on that later. First, of course, is the thing everyone appreciates the most. It is one of the very few sites that offer unlimited messaging possibilities to their users. You can also chat as much as you possibly can without having to give out a penny for it. That is correct; this platform does not charge you for unlimited communication with other users.

Mocospace also has a couple of interesting tricks for those who are a little more concerned about privacy and security. One cool feature is their stealth mode, so you can use the site while keeping a low profile. In the same manner, you can have a close profile, so only those approved by you can see your information, photographs, and so on.

More interestingly, this site helps you earn gold with your content. One very neat tool is the closed albums. Those are albums that other users cannot see unless they pay gold to do it, and you, as the owner of the album, get a cut of that fee. And that is not the only way to make some gold. You can earn it in all kinds of games and challenges they run on the site.

Mocospace is also a social platform, and as such, it has a lot of new tools. One of the more popular is the possibility to use a gif as your profile picture and cover. There is no need to keep boring photographs as profile pics, and now you can hang a gif as your avatar. They also have fantastic stickers to help you express how you are feeling, unique icons, and more.

Mocospace has many games, and the best part is, you can earn gold while playing. One that people adore is the daily spin. It works as roulette where they have tons of prices for you, just spin it and see where it lands. It is effortless to play and extremely exciting. There is an immense amount of options and titles of games on this site. And you can enter and play any of them without charge. Logically, most of them have boosts and specialized equipment that costs gold, but you can still play without them and save your gold for something else.

Mocospace Special Features

How does Mocospace Work?

Mocospace is a hybrid between an impressive social media platform. A very active dating site and an exciting gaming corner. All that in one. Here, there are millions of users that you can potentially meet in the chat rooms. There is also your profile and wall so you can share your activities, posts, wins, chronicles, and more. And, of course, loads of super fun online game titles.

Most things like playing and messaging others are free. Nonetheless, to enhance your experience, you can get gold. Gold is their currency, and it can buy you lots of things. Inside games, it can get you better tools and armor. With it, you can access backstage albums and videos from other users, among other things. You can earn gold by playing games or by having compelling content that other users would be ready to pay for. Rather the easiest way to get it is to buy it with your credit card. You can get tons of gold for a couple of cents, so you should not worry about it.

Sign Up Process

If you go to the website, you immediately land on the Mocospace registration page. It is effortless to create an account. You just have to do the usual as in most similar sites. Enter your email, a username, your area code, and a password.

After that, you need to pass a couple of verifications to ensure you are not a robot. And finally, to start using your profile, you should upload what will become your profile picture. Now with your profile all set, you can start enjoying the service.

Mocospace Sign Up Process

Users Profiles Quality

Mocospace’s approach to profiles is unique and different from how others do it. They are not as interested in your personal information as in broadcasting your activity. Pretty much anything you do on the site is posted on your wall as activities. There is no reason to be concerned, though. You have various options to hide that. It is possible to make your profile private, so just those you previously approved can see it. There is also stealth mode that hides some of your activity.

In any case, the personal information being displayed in the profiles is minimal. For that reason, people who are afraid of sharing too much of their info to strangers find this site delighting.

Mobile Application

Mocospace’s mobile application is more focused on the social part of the site. From there, you can play all the games the site has and pretty much do anything as you would from the desktop site. But as you open the app, you land first on the recommendations page. That is where you have suggestions of people you may want to meet as well as various chat rooms.

The mobile app also has some extra features like video calls, which make it very useful. Sometimes the ads can get a little annoying in the app, but there is an easy fix. Mocospace offers an ad-free package so you can enjoy a clean and uninterrupted experience. Other than that, the app is beautiful and intuitive. It has it stutters here and there, but you will likely not notice that.

Mocospace Mobile Application

Mocospace Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

  • Adult Friend Finder
  • Elite Singles
  • Match

Membership Price and Payment Method

VIP Membership:

  • 1 Month 7.99 USD
  • 3 Months 20.97 USD
  • 6 Months 35.94 USD

In case you only want to buy some gold:

  • 500 Credits 4.99 USD
  • 1,250 Credits 9.99 USD
  • 2,750 Credits 19.99 USD
  • 4,325 Credits 29.99 USD
  • 7,500 Credits 49.99 USD
  • 15,500 Credits 99.99 USD

They accept most credit cards.

Free Membership Features

  • You can create a profile and add your content
  • Quickly browse through profiles and the site
  • Check out other users photographs
  • Send as many messages as you want to other users
  • Enjoy their blog page

Mocospace Free Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

  • Enjoy an uninterrupted experience by getting rid of the ads
  • Unlock the tool to see who checked out your page
  • Use the Stealth Mode
  • Improve your rank among users
  • Get an excellent label on your profile picture, so everyone knows you are VIP
  • Get priority in matters of Support and assistance

Is Mocospace Really Safe?

Since it is not difficult to create an account, there may be some fake profiles. Nonetheless, with a little caution, you can be safe.


It is one of the best approaches to all-in-one platforms. You have games, interactions, challenges, a blog, and more. If you want one stop for almost all entertainment, then you should try Mocospace.

How to Delete Mocospace Account?

On the settings menu, you can find the “Cancel account” button. Keep in mind that your profile is kept for three more days in case you rethink that decision. After that, it is gone.

How to Delete Mocospace Account?

How to Message Someone on Mocospace?

Enter one of the chat rooms and find the user you want to chat with. Click on them and send your message.

How to See Who Likes You on Mocospace without Paying?

Having a VIP membership allows you to see who visited your profile.

How to Block Someone on Mocospace?

You can block anyone from their profile or directly from the conversation you are having with them.

How to Cancel Mocospace Subscription?

You can cancel this from the VIP purchasing page.

How to Cancel Mocospace Subscription?

Contact Information

  • Company Name: JNJ Mobile, Inc.
  • Address: 186 South St.
  • Zip Code + City: Boston MA 02111
  • Country: USA
  • Customer Support Email: info@corp.mocospace.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mocochat/
  • Twitter: @MocoSpace
  • Blog
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